Céline Wouters
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Composing Through Words

Publication made for Composing Through Words. Curated by Fleur van Muiswinkel.

24x17 cm / 16 pages / Edition of 300

Published by Het Veem Theater

Flip Sides

Poster for Flip Sides a performance by Zhana Ivanova.

50x70 cm / Edition of 20

One Question ...

This publication is part of the installation Afterlife – An Unexplored Continent by Melanie bonajo. Shown at the exhibition Afterlife – art on the final destination, which took place at Nederlands Uitvaart Museum Tot Zover.

Tabloid (43x28 cm) / 32 pages / Edition of 2000

Published by Künstlerhaus Bethanein
ISBN 978-3-941230-13-2

Furniture Bondage

Furniture Bondage – the title of the book I designed for Melanie Bonajo – presents 22 full-page photographs, illustrating the complex and often oppressive relationship between human beings and their material things.

21,5 x 28 cm / 52 pages / Edition of 2000
Published by Kodoji Press
ISBN 978-3-03747-018 3

25 year - Het Veem Theater


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